2 Responses to WELCOME

  1. Jeffrey Trubisz says:

    Hello Hanna,
    Happy to make your acquaintance yesterday morning at Evolution Yoga. Thought I would reference a few topics from our conversation. (It seems like “Jaguar” is the word that started this.) The Jaguar Path is a series of workshops and seminars led by Ray Crist. He has offered these through Kripalu and also independently in Lenox MA. Ray’s ideas are a synthesis of Yoga, Chinese acupuncture and Inca shamanism. I’ve known him for more than two years and have done many of the Jaguar Path experiences. They have proved worthwhile, both intellectually stimulating and spiritually fulfilling. You can learn more by researching “Jaguar Path” or “Ray Crist”.
    Also, that homeopathic gel I used on my hamstrings was “Muscle Ice”. It’s distributed by “Peaceful Mountain Inc.” in Woodbine, Iowa (888-303-3388). It is a cooling gel, sometimes a bit sharp, but effective. Also somewhat expensive, but worthwhile. I’ve used it after excursions on the basketball court as well as yoga and hiking.
    Inca cosmology: serpent/body/south jaguar/mind/west hummingbird/ancestors/north condor/spirit/east………
    Your commitment to DANCE is notable……..Namaste, Jeffrey

  2. Jeffrey Trubisz says:

    Hi Hanna,
    Following up our conversation this morning about yoga at Kripalu, I’d like to refer you to a YouTube video. It is narrated by Ray Crist who is the founder of the Jaguar Path. It is called “Why do we practice yoga?” and it will introduce you to the ideas and practices I’ve been experiencing.
    It is an animation and wonderfully rendered………Namaste, Jeffrey

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