ANIMAL, began in the late summer of 2013, and new drafts of the work will continue to be produced for the public throughout the next two years, with a final, completed performance at the start of 2016. 

 ANIMAL is an athletically inclined dance piece that uses various abstract compositions to explore the animal-self in all of us. The choreography was built by addressing our instinctual bodies to examine survival mechanisms, pack behavior and evolution. 

ANIMAL Draft #1: Performed Feb28-March3, 2014 at the Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio in Montpelier Vermont.  Directed by Hanna Satterlee, with imput from the dancers and artistic consultants Kellie Lynch, Clare Byrne, and Polly Motley, the work is performed by Maura Gahan, Marly Spieser-Schneider, Avi Waring and Hanna Satterlee, with lighting by Stephan Petrilli, photography by Joseph Shelley and film by Lukas Huffman and Michael Fischer.

ANIMAL Draft #2 (in progress): To be performed April 25-26, 2015 at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe, Vermont. Directed by Hanna Satterlee, with input from the dancers, Marly Spieser-Schneider, Avi Waring, Tierney Munger and special guests. Film by Lukas Huffman. 


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