Choreographer and dancer Hanna Satterlee grew up in East Montpelier, Vermont and has spent many years traveling through dance, both nationally and internationally. Hanna holds a Masters in Fine Arts/Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College (VT/WA) and has produced her own choreographic and dance installation work, and has performed with professional companies in Vienna Austria, Stolzenhagen Germany, Baltimore, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco and throughout the state of Vermont. Now based in Burlington Vermont, Hanna is the current director of the Vermont Dance Alliance, with a strong belief that the culture of dance will continue to flourish and expand throughout the edges of our beautiful state. In addition, Hanna teaches and performs on freelance basis. Currently Hanna has the immense honor of dancing with Murmurations Dance and is self-producing a triptych series of seasonal dance poems through film. With support from the Vermont Performance Lab’s SEEDS grant, Hanna is in the initial research phase of creating a sonic and visual performance titled “Voice and Vessel,” exploring how we each uniquely carry and express information in the vessels of our minds and the vessels of our bodies.  

Contact: hannasatt@gmail.com 



I am an action hound. I learn by moving, I give by doing, I understand through feeling. My dance is a celebration of the visceral experience of living.


Dance has become my child, my partner, my reflection, my voice, my health, my emotions, my survival mechanism. It allows me to observe life as a movement, a process, a series of arrangements and a game of shifting elements. Dance makes me buzz. I tune into my deeper core, the soul around me or the unborn me within me, and through dancing I rediscover a new possible experience of living.

Dance brings me outside of, and back into, redefining layers me.

Often my initial focus is on action as intention. I enjoy discovering new pathways of momentum and anatomical possibility. I constantly question and test the body’s endurance, strength and will power to both fast and powerful as well as slow and soft extremes. Doubt meets thrill as my physical body simultaneously experiences euphoria and exhaustion.

Choreography of place has become a fascination. Informed and inspired by the rhythms of the outside world, I take my dance into the woods, onto the street, amidst the snow, the rain, the sun, so that my work can remain modular, adaptable, and entirely responsive to its surroundings. Nature has been and continues to be my muse and my guru, giving me field and forest stages, leaf soundscores, weather variables, and animal participants. I need nature’s dance to remember how out of control we really are to this situation of humanity. What do relationships really have behind them? What real forces are inside our energetic momentum? What makes one tic? Move? Stay? I persuade a relationship to the immediate moment, encouraging life and rehearsal to meet each other for a new type of dance.

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  1. Kate Gamble says:

    I am looking for guest teachers at my studio in White River Jx, VT. Please let me know if you have interest in teaching workshops or an occasional class here.

    Kate Gamble

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