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Sound, movement and performance artists Hanna Satterlee (VT), Delaney McDonough (ME), and Caitlin Scholl (ME) are joining together in a two-state collaboration to discover their relationship to action / reaction, silence and sound. The interdisciplinary dance based trio wishes to create a moving tableau titled “Voice and Vessel” that uncovers how we visually/sonically/physically voice and express in different ways, and how we each uniquely carry information in the vessels of our minds and the vessels of our bodies.  This new collaborative project is in its initial research phase, as the group is feeling the relevancy of these questions so pertinently with our country in this time of post – election grief. We are discussing and digesting how do we carry information? How do we process events that are happening, or unfolding? What does memory force us to believe?  Is there a threshold of when a woman becomes un-hearable? What can we say or how can we move to present a lasting impact? Who hears us? Who sees us? Why and when is what we wish to convey understood or misinterpreted? 


Voice and Vessel was awarded a SEED grant from the Vermont Performance Lab!!

Through solo research practices, shared journaling, Skype conversations, and in-person creative residencies, we will work together to create “Voice and Vessel” over a 10 month creative process (December 2016-September 2017). Throughout the process, each performer will craft independent material that will later be woven into the group structure. While working separately, this independent work will be shared and fine tuned with each individual’s artistic mentor(s) and home creative community, in addition to the advice and molding of the work as decided by the trio during our creative residencies.

– CREATIVE RESIDENCY: Vermont Performance Lab, Guilford VT
July 11-16
Informal Performance Sunday July 16th, 3pm
CREATIVE RESIDENCY: Studio 303, Montreal, Canada
July 17-20
Showings and performances TBA

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