Upcoming Events

Voice and Vessel was awarded a SEED grant from the Vermont Performance Lab! The full length premiere will be held November 10th at Marlboro College, VT!


Sound, movement and performance artists Hanna Satterlee (VT), Delaney McDonough (ME), and Caitlin Scholl (ME) have joined together in a two-state collaboration to discover their relationship to action / reaction, silence and sound. The interdisciplinary dance based trio created a moving tableau titled “Voice and Vessel” that uncovers how we visually/sonically/physically voice and express in different ways, and how we each uniquely carry information in the vessels of our minds and the vessels of our bodies.  

We are discussing and digesting how do we carry information? How do we process events that are happening, or unfolding? What does memory force us to believe?  Is there a threshold of when a woman becomes un-hearable? What can we say or how can we move to present a lasting impact? Who hears us? Who sees us? Why and when is what we wish to convey understood or misinterpreted? 


`                                 hannahw.jpg


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