Somatic Experience



For corporate or private events, weddings, healing retreats or in-studio classes and specialized workshops.

I have been teaching throughout the country since 2008, with a vinyasa certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga School (SF,CA). My classes focus on the intricacies in our anatomical structure, with a vigorous physical practice that also demands mental clarity and focus. My classes emphasize the importance of balancing strength and flexibility, how breath can give energy, and how will-power and strength can combat mental and physical illness. I work to incorporate a full body experience in each class with expressive, unique sequencing set to inspiring, rocking beats! You will leave energized and refreshed, with the confirmed belief that movement has the power to change and heal.


“Hanna Satterlee’s yoga classes provide me with a fresh alignment of body and soul.    I have studied many forms of yoga at studios in several parts of the country and Hanna ranks as one of the most creative and dynamic vinyasa teachers I have encountered anywhere.   I find her sequencing of asanas coms from a deep intelligence of body awareness.   Every class I have taken from her opens an integrated yoga experience for me.   Every class I have taken from her varies the beginning and building succession of poses in a brilliant flow so each class feels unique.    I highly recommend Hanna’s teaching.”
Shari Stahl- Psychotherapist, Licensed Psychologist-Masters
“I have come to Hanna’s yoga classes over the past three years because she knows how to create an ambiance and environment that I love– many of her classes are candlelit, and her soft, dancer-esque presence feels gentle and inspiring. I also really love her sequencing, the cadence of her voice, and her willingness to laugh at herself.  Hanna puts together a class that feels spirit-nourishing without any forced sense of the spirituality of yoga.  Hanna has a cosmopolitan sensibility and a graceful, confident way of being.  I can imagine her teaching anywhere in the world and inspiring yoga practitioners of any cultural background.”
Alexa Gould-Kavet, Independent Artist

“I have attended many yoga classes with many different yoga instructors over the years.  Hanna’s work is unique.  She has a way, with her presence, her background in dance, and her remarkable connection to her own body, to demonstrate through presence, with few words just where each person needs to go.  She has an ability to notice what is aligned and not in the room and adjust it gracefully, tactfully, effectively and skillfully while saying little and frequently, she makes a subtle suggestion to the room implied with her own movement. I appreciate the ambiance of seriousness, openness, and lack of judgment in how she attends to her students with the work at hand.”

Jeffrey J. Allen, Licensed Psychologist- Montpelier, Vermont

Hanna’s classes are filled with inspired, flowing, movement-and-breath centered asanas that are like a choreographed dance.  As she offers alternatives to peak postures, there is a great balance of challenge and juiciness for everyone that will keep you coming back!  I especially love the classes that she steeps in music to guide the movement.
– Mark Daly,  Programmer / Analyst for Vermont Information Technology Leaders